Sunday, 15 December 2013

Guest safety at Hyatt Regency – the fiction and the facts!

There is many a slip between the cup and the lip is a cliché that applies well to Hyatt. The safety and security measures mentioned on Hyatt Regency’s website include some nicely worded statements that promise its patrons the highest levels of safety and security – but when you look at them more closely, and compare them to reality – the gaps are wide and horrifying.  If you haven’t read our first blog yet – do that before you read on.

Here’s a quick look at the fiction vs. the facts as far as security at the Hyatt Regency goes:

What Hyatt says (fiction)
What Hyatt actually does (fact)
       Hotels managed by Hyatt Hotels & Resorts consider guest comfort and security as our priority

     Hyatt Regency knowingly puts an unsuspecting guest in harms way, without so much as a warning
     Gaurav isn’t the first – this is the 4th reported incident to happen at the Hyatt Regency (there may be others that went unnoticed)

     We have trained hotel staff responsible and accountable for looking after the security and well being of our guests and visitors

Hyatt Regency employs staff that is untrained to ensure guest security and also lacks common sense:
     Staff does not warn visitors against danger OR keep them away from danger 
     Staff stands around watching a guest suffer – awaiting an on call doctor – who arrived after more than 40 mins (later than the family themselves)
     Staff lies to cover up the real situation instead of telling the truth that could help the guest
     Staff is clueless about what to do in an emergency situation where a guest gets grievously hurt
     Staff is trained to prioritize Hyatt Regency’s interest over the life of a guest  
     Staff and management bear no accountability, and pass the buck onto a doctor who is merely on-call

     Advanced security technologies to facilitate safeguarding your security, such as; integrated surveillance systems, advanced lock and access control systems, and sophisticated asset protection tools

     Hi technology comes into play only once the basic are in place:
ð There is a lack of basic infrastructure such as cordons that block an unsafe area off for guests
ð There are no locks on doors that lead to unsafe areas
ð There are no CCTV cameras in locations such as lifts or outdoor areas where guests are allowed to be present
     No tools to protect their most important asset from harm – a paying customer

     Rigorous security and safety assessments and reviews

     The Hyatt Regency Hotel allows guests to go into an area that could be unsafe, while other hotels chaperone their guests in a potentially unsafe area
     The first step to assessments and reviews is to acknowledge that something may be wrong – the Hyatt Regency refuses to acknowledge that it could ever be wrong (read this story from 10 years ago to see their attitude then – it’s exactly the same now!)

     Dedicated Fire/Life/Safety systems and monitoring
     No paramedic staff
     No doctor
     No ambulance
     An on call doctor that arrives 40 minutes later, after the family of the victim gets there

     Comprehensive emergency response plans that staff are regularly trained on

Not even a basic emergency response plan in place
     Staff leave a guest with severe head injuries lying in a pool of blood for more than 40 minutes – missing the ‘golden hour’ of treatment (it doesn’t require formal training to know this)
     No one from the hotel informs the police, calls the family or takes charge of the situation before the doctor arrives
     All decision making left to an on-call doctor who only arrives 40 minutes after the incident – hotel staff stands around watching the spectacle of an seriously injured guest
     Hyatt Regency is negligent and unprepared to such as extent, that a guest is brought to the hospital in a near brain dead condition 1.5 hours after he falls

     Hyatt Hotels & Resorts are renowned for our authentic hospitality and our personalized guest experience.
     This is the only place where we agree with the Hyatt Regency. Although not quite the way they would like us to
     Hyatt Hotel definitely has an authentic brand of hospitality – only at the Hyatt Regency does one hear of guests losing their life or being seriously hurt on a consistent basis

     As our valued guest, we are committed to creating an environment of security and well being throughout your stay

     The points above clearly indicate that this is not the case


  1. What a damn joke! Get your ₹&)(@ together Hyatt!!

  2. I can't believe it.... all these years of trusting the brand for hospitality and then you realise it's all a sham ....Hyatt you have let everyone down.... shame.. shame...

  3. Underneath all the glossy PR and marketing this is the real truth about Hyatt.

    I expected them to have owned responsibility and taken some corrective action or the other to make things better for Gaurav's family by now, but i guess i expected too much from them. It's a shame really.

  4. Terrible....Hyatt should actually be on their knees and begging for mercy for such a callous behaviour

  5. Bullshit hospitality......they deserve to shutdown